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Organon Egypt and Momken for Her Platform Sign LOI in a Promising Step Towards Women Empowerment


Organon Egypt and Momken for Her Platform Sign LOI in a Promising Step Towards Women Empowerment

In honor of International Women's Day, Organon in Egypt, a global healthcare company with a focus on improving the health of women and Momken for Her, a startup focusing on entry and reentry into the workforce of women over the age of the 30, signed a Letter of Intent aiming to enhance women's empowerment and advancement in a variety of sectors.

The Letter of Intent was signed by Dr. Tarek Abou El Einein, the Country Lead at Organon Egypt, and Abeer El Leithy, Co-Founder at Momken for Her. Following the signing, a panel discussion was held to discuss investments in sectors related to women’s empowerment including education, economy, and health. The panel featured distinguished guests, including Nadia Gamal ElDin, founder and CEO Rahet Bally Co, Yasmin Medhat, founder of Bazarna Society, as well as Basmah Osman, Managing Partner at Fekrkhan (ElleKhan Division). The discussion also shed light on how investing in women's health, education, and employment could raise the quality of services women receive.

During the panel discussion, success stories of several prominent female entrepreneurs in various sectors were presented as inspiring examples. These stories served as an inspiration to encourage investment in projects that cater to the needs of women, as many such businesses have not received the necessary funds despite the significant growth of investments in health in the Middle East and North Africa region. In fact, globally, only 1% of healthcare research and innovation is invested in conditions unique to women, according to a 2020 study.

“This Letter of Intent is an important step solidifying our objective to join forces with various partners who are actively involved in women's empowerment and share a similar vision in this regard,” said Dr. Tarek Abou El Einein. “We believe that economic and social empowerment, as well as enhancing access to healthcare services for women is a responsibility, we all share. As a result, both public and private institutions must join forces to provide the necessary services and activities for women across all sectors.”

Abeer El Leithy, Co-Founder at Momken for Her, added that “we are thrilled to work with Organon in Egypt, and we are looking forward to more collaboration in the future. Stressing on that, Women should never set barriers for their career or let anything stand in the way of their dreams; it’s never too late to achieve anything they are dreaming of, as long as they are getting the right training and support needed.”

Organon is also helping raise women’s health on the public agenda through its International Women’s Day initiative.  Launched last year and now an annual event, Organon gives all staff the day off on March 8.  Through this initiative, Organon wants to ensure women have sufficient time to attend to their health, whether that’s through a doctor’s appointment or otherwise.

Merck Corporation's global healthcare subsidiary, Organon, Inc. (NYSE: OGN) - known as MSD outside the United States and Canada, is dedicated to enhancing women's health across all stages of life. With a broad portfolio of over 60 medicines and products in various therapeutic areas, including reproductive health, biosimilars, and established medicines, the company is focused on generating strong cash flow to support investments in future growth opportunities in women's health. This includes business development as well as collaborations with biopharmaceutical innovators seeking to commercialize their products by leveraging Organon's size and presence in rapidly expanding international markets.

With a formidable global presence and extensive geographic reach, Organon boasts world-class business capabilities and employs nearly 9,000 individuals from its corporate headquarters situated in Jersey City, New Jersey.