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In collaboration with the Egyptian Media Production City and with a total investment of one billion and one hundred million Egyptian pounds


Magic Land Al-Hokair, owned by the leading Abdulmohsen Al-Hokair Group in the tourism and development sector, has launched the Tanza project in cooperation with the Egyptian Media Production City company on a usufruct basis. Tanza is the first and largest integrated entertainment destination in Egypt, with investments totaling one billion and one hundred million Egyptian pounds. It covers an area of 250 thousand square meters. This new launch aims to reshape and redefine the entertainment concept in Egypt through its unique business model and comprehensive entertainment agenda, which is the first of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East. The project offers authentic and unique experiences reflecting adventure and nature to suit all age groups and cater to all family members in one place.

Tanza's strategy focuses on supporting the efforts of the Egyptian government to transform Egypt into a distinguished and attractive tourist destination worldwide. It is the first integrated entertainment destination in Egypt nestled within vast green spaces. For the first time in Egypt, Tanza brings together seven entertainment zones, including adventure, racing, sports games, forest, cinema and theater, children's area, and a dolphinarium, in addition to partnerships with leading restaurant brands. Each zone offers exceptional entertainment experiences. The project stands out for its unique clustering of entertainment zones, based on a strategy revolving around four main axes: uniqueness, luxury, growth, and adventure. The project's design principles emphasize identity, distinction, comfort, safety, sustainable landscapes, and vibrant spaces, aiming to achieve uniqueness in the Egyptian market and excellence through its exceptional business model.

Magic Land Al-Hokair launches Tanza project to represent the first integrated entertainment destination in Egypt

Mahmoud Gaber, CEO of Magic Land Al-Hokair and Tanza project, stated, "We are proud to launch Tanza today, the first integrated commercial entertainment project in Egypt and the Middle East, aligning with Egypt's tourism development plans. The project introduces a new concept in the tourism and entertainment world in Egypt, with its immense production capacity and capabilities reaching global standards and promising a bright future. The project progresses according to a defined and studied strategy, focusing on meticulously studying the needs of the Egyptian market and adding value not only to customers but to the entire sector. Tanza aims to provide exceptional entertainment experiences that positively impact individuals' lives and become an integral part of their day. The project's goal is to redefine the entertainment industry in Egypt, attract more tourists and investors worldwide, and put Egypt on the map of global tourism."

He added, "Tanza follows a systematic strategy and a comprehensive plan for safety and occupational health in the project. We embrace the highest safety standards for our customers by ensuring the presence of trainers during working hours in case of any accidents. In addition, we place the human element in the project at the top of our priorities. We make continuous efforts through organizing training programs to train and strengthen young cadres to obtain internationally and locally accredited certificates, enabling youth, in particular, to enter the tourism market."

Abdul Fattah Al-Gibali, Chairman of the Egyptian Media Production City company, said, "We are pleased to be an integral part of this impactful and pivotal project, and in turn, we will spare no effort to provide all means of support for this giant investment project regarding technical services, infrastructure, logistical support, administrative and customs facilitations. We are armed with an exceptional position in the heart of the Media Free Zone, and the ability of this system to provide various advantages and facilities for investors." He pointed out that this partnership will enhance economic opportunities and sustainable growth through joint investment projects, as they seek to strengthen economic ties and promote investment.

It is worth mentioning that the Al-Hokair Group is a leading Saudi group in the tourism and development sector, providing exceptional experiences for customers in the Middle East and North Africa. The company was founded in 1965 and has succeeded in maintaining its leading position in the entertainment field as the first and largest Saudi company investing in this sector. They own 67 entertainment cities spread across the Kingdom, the UAE, India, and Egypt. More than eight million visitors annually visit Al-Hokair's entertainment cities, and the group has received numerous awards for its commitment to quality, safety, and safe entertainment, providing the best upscale hotel services and maintaining mutual trust with its customers. One of these awards is the "Seven Star Excellence Award for Tourism 2017." Meanwhile, the Egyptian Media Production City Company was established 25 years ago to serve the media and production industry. It is the largest media and production entity in the Middle East, covering an area of 2 million square meters and housing a variety of studios and open shooting areas.