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For the 1st time .. Better Home celebrates the beginning of real life in "Midtown Villa" project in the presence of Eng. Khaled Abbas

Eng.Khaled Abbas-Chairman of Administrative Capital Company: "Better Home" is one of the most commited companies and has a lot of distinguished  projects in the Capital 

Cairo, 28 May 2024: In an exceptional tour for one of the most important projects of "Better Home"  Real estate investment and development group; the first developer in the New Administrative Capital, Eng. Khaled Abbas - Chairman of the Administrative Capital Company for Urban Development, and General Ahmed Fahmy – The Administative Capital General Manager, inspected "Midtown Villa" project, the company’s first project in the capital, and celebrated the beginning of real life in the project, in the presence of the leaders of both the New Capital and Better Home companies, a number of the project residents, and journalists, as Eng. Abbas praised "Better Home" strong performance  and the size of its project achievements on the ground, as it is regarded the first real estate developers who believed in the Capital Project since its launching and has many successful and distinguished projects in the Capital.

He assured during a press interview on the sidelines of  the visit, that "Better Home" is one of the major  companies in the Administrative Capital, as it committed to deliver  its clients  their  units  in its project in Capital, in the presence of real life and residents on land, which  is a strong evidence of the Capital Company  success.

He added that all capital companies are committed, and there are no beleaguered companies in the city, and all companies had scheduled their installments, pointing  that the capital company will announce a new package of facilitations for developers soon, showing that the capital company is in permanent  contact with all developers to overcome all difficulties, assuring that all parties are united to accomplish this giant national project, which is regarded  the most prominent feature of the new republic inaugurated by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

The Chairman of the Administrative Capital Company, said that there are many negotiations with local and foreign companies to invest in the city, explaining that the Administrative Capital Company will announce in the coming period all details concerning  these negotiations, noting that  real estate sector is one of the attractive sectors for investment and contributes in a large percentage in the gross domestic product.

Better Home General manager: The Administrative Capital is the most attractive area for investment..We have 5 projects and seeking  to increase them in the coming period  

Ashraf Adel, Better Home General Manager, expressed his happiness at honoring Eng. Khaled Abbas to visit the company’s first project in the capital and to share with them this special moment in the company’s history, and to meet the owners and residents of the residential units, to announce the beginning of real and integrated life on the ground, praising the Capital's Company role and its leadership in supporting developers and overcoming all obstacles in front of them in order to complete their projects and cope with the size and importance of this giant national project. 

Adel pointed that Better Home was the first real estate developer to acquire a plot of land in the New Administrative Capital, since its launching, which has become a tangible reality for an integrated, smart city that comes alive and reflects the cultural image of Egypt to the world, as "Midtown Villa" project is the company’s first project in the capital, explaining that the constructions percentage in the project does not exceed 20% of the total area of the project, which amounts to 50 acres, with a number of 390 villa units, with areas ranging from 350 to 500 meters, which is distinguished by its geographical location near the exhibition grounds, Al Massa hotel, the Central Park, the Cathedral, and the Green River, thus the project was designed with the latest and most accurate distinctive engineering designs, and all project services were delivered and operated, including facilities (electricity - water - gas), entertainment and service areas, landscape, kids areas, and other distinguished services, indicating that there are residents already living within the project, and "Midtown Villa" will be the first compound in R7 district to announce the start of integrated live.

Adel added that the company owns a strategy and vision since its launching in the Egyptian market in 1998 to implement innovative urban projects with a different vision in new cities to have a distinctive architectural imprint in these cities to align with the state’s vision of creating an unprecedented urban boom in a number of new sustainable cities, among Egypt's comprehensive development strategy 2030, and this is what made them among the first developers present in the capital with more than one integrated residential project, as it is the most attractive area for investment, as the company is implementing three other residential projects in the Administrative Capital besides "Midtown Villa", which are "Midtown Solo", "Midtown Condo", "Midtown Sky", noting the "Midtown Sky"

Ashraf Adel-Better Home General manager:" Midtown Villa"..our first  project in the capital and has been delivered and fully operated with all services and received  its residents

 project, is being built on an area of 122 acres, and it is the company’s fourth residential project with various units, which meet all needs, as the designs of the project are characterized by its elegance and modernity, and the natural landscape of green areas which ware designed specifically for this project to be the most unique landscape in the capital. 

And "Midtown Solo" project, which is located on an area of 66 acres, is one of the most luxurious residential projects implemented by the company, located in R7 district on the southern Mohammed Bin Zayed axis, next to the Cathedral and overlooking the Green River and near Al Massa Hotel, where it includes a distinctive group of separate villas of various areas and prices, designed with the latest modern, luxurious styles that suit all tastes, and the company’s third project is "Midtown Condo", which is located on an area of 60 acres in the heart of the New Administrative Capital in the most distinguished area in R7 district, and distinguished by being an apartments only compound, which enjoys privacy, luxury and a variety of entertainment services. 

And concerning the company’s administrative projects in the capital, as they are pioneers in launching distinguished administrative and commercial centers, Adel assured that the company is implementing "Cairo Business Plaza" project in the Business district in front of the governmental district, which is located on an area of 50,000 square meters in the most prestigious and most important locations in the Administrative Capital at all, with sales area exceeds 100,000 square meters, includes administrative offices with various areas, in order to complete its success after implementing this type of progress in "Cairo Business Plaza" project, which is considered a distinctive landmark in New Cairo.

At the end of his speech, Ashraf Adel, Better Home company General Manager, thanked and appreciated Eng. Khaled Abbas for his prominent and tangible role in the renaissance and growth achieved in the projects completed on the capital’s land, as a natural result of his continuous follow-up and constant work to overcome any obstacles facing companies in completing their work, praising his continued support for them as a company and his support, to every serious developer working in the Capital, insisting that the company will continue to build and develop and seize opportunities to implement other projects on the capital’s land to be an influential and effective partner for the capital in the field of development.

Better Home Company is one of the most important leading real estate companies in the Egyptian market, established in 1998 by an elite group of real estate consultants in Egypt and the Middle East, it entered the real estate market at a steady pace, and despite the challenges of the market and the strong competition among real estate companies and the reputation it acquired, besides having a loyal strong teamwork, the company came forward in a short period by presenting works which gave an indication that Better Home Company is on the successful path, and the company’s team has forged good relationships with competitors in the field to exchange experiences and stay up to date on the latest developments reached by large companies.

Better Home has turned to construction in new cities, and one of its most important projects that left an architectural imprint in the previous period was "Cityscape Mall", with its two branches, the first in 6th October City, and the second is in New Minya, and both malls are now considered among the distinctive landmarks in those cities, and "Highland Park" project in 6th October City and in front of the American University in New Cairo (Fifth Settlement), and it was the beginning of entrance of the global vision in construction, and we were unique in doing the first artificial sea in the middle of the project, and thus gained the clients and real estate marketers trust, and its name appeared clearly in the field of real estate investment. 

It also presented to the real estate market more than 15 giant projects in all real estate fields, either commercial, administrative, or medical, in addition to the residential projects that have become among landmarks in architectural construction in Egypt and the Middle East

Therefore, with the start of the announcement of the first new international city in Egypt(the New Administrative Capital), aiming to 

relieve the current over crowd in the capital, Better Home Company decided to be at the forefront of the investors there, and because Better Home Company has great successful experience in new cities, the vision was clear for the company’s team work, and indeed Better Home submitted to the first auction held to offer the first plot of land in the New Administrative Capital with an area of 50 acres, among the bidding put forward by the Capital Company, and competed for this plot with major real estate development companies in Egypt, till it became the first real estate developer in the capital.

As soon as the company became qualified financially and the plot of land was assigned to it, it began announcing its first project, "Midtown Villa", similar to its project "Midtown" Fifth Settlement, then the projects continued in the capital, and the company obtained a second plot of land with an area of 66 acres, on which "Midtown Solo" project was being implemented, then came the company's third project  "Midtown Condo" compound in the Administrative Capital, on an area of 60 acres, and "Midtown Sky" project, which is located on an area of 122 acres, and  "Cairo Business Plaza" project.