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Centrada Developments and AE Media Production cooperate in 5 pivotal investment projects in West Cairo


Cairo, Egypt, 10 June 2024: Centrada Developments and AE Media Production Company for Advertising and Marketing, succeeded in achieving a new strategic cooperation, which will represent a strong launch in marketing and advertising world for real estate projects in West Cairo region.

For his part, Ahmed El Gamal, Centrada Marketing Manager, assured that AE Media Production Company was chosen to undertake the implementation of several innovative visual advertisements that show the excellence of the company’s projects in West Cairo, especially that they are classified as exceptional and unusual projects in this district, thus the company decided to deal with a specialized company to demonstrate the excellence of its projects and present them to clients in the best way.

 He added that Centrada Developments is an extension of "OAD" Omar Abdalla Developments, which owns real estate experience exceeds 20 years in Egypt and the Arab countries, with a huge investment portfolio and a distinguished precedent work history in Egypt and Arab Gulf countries, and the company succeeded throughout its extended history in implementing major exceptional projects.

Dr. Abdel Rahman Essam Arafa, Chairman of AE Media production - AE Advertising, confirmed that the company intends to present innovative advertising works based on the latest international technological developments to offer a distinctive, realistic picture of the company’s projects in West Cairo, pointing that the company is updated with all new in the world of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in implementing its work to ensure reaching the highest levels of innovation within the best quality standards.

He added that his company will take into account the nature of both market and client, in commercial and residential projects in West Cairo, due to its geographical location, so the company will provide the best advertising and visual works that the client focuses on and needs, so that attention is paid to produce the latest advertising and technological materials to deliver the product in the best image to the targeted client.

He pointed that Centrada Developments owns several projects in West Cairo, all of which are located in strategic locations and on distinguished main axes, announcing that a new project will soon be launched during  2024, in addition to the current projects, including "Wust El balad", and "Centrada One", "Centrada Plaza" and "Centrada hub", are projects that achieve a real breakthrough, whether in the nature of commercial and services malls or others in West Cairo.

He explained that the company is transferring its experience in the local and global market to implement innovative works for its clients, which enhances the importance of the projects implemented by real estate companies among the state’s plan for comprehensive urban development, as focusing on the development of real estate products in the Egyptian market is part of AE Media production’s strategy.

 He assured that working on these new projects will be the nucleus of the company's strong start in West Cairo during the coming period, as the company has strong work tools that will enhance its expansion, spread and cooperation with all real estate developers in the local market, in parallel with working in the abroad market.