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Madinet Masr partners with Blue Ribbon and CIRA Education’s subsidiaries, AlAhly CIRA and Eduhive, to sign an MOU to Establish The First Sports Focused Swiss International School in the Region and Klub Kayan located in Taj City, New Cairo


Cairo, Egypt, 09 June 2024: Madinet Masr (stock code MASR.CA), one of Egypt’s leading urban community developers, introduces a new concept through “Project Kayan” in collaboration with Lemania Swiss International School (LSIS), which is a franchise of Ecole Lemania Swiss School, managed by CIRA Education’s subsidiary Eduhive and Klub Kayan operated by Blue Ribbon in Taj City, New Cairo. The announcement aims to introduce a new full-fledged concept that combines high quality education, professional sports and healthy lifestyle all in one place. It aims to empower young talents as champions and professionals and provide them with the best knowledge and skills.

Madinet Masr partners with CIRA Education’s subsidiaries, AlAhly CIRA and Eduhive, to establish  Lemania Swiss International School (LSIS), which will cost around 350 million EGP. Madinet Masr also collaborates with Blue Ribbon to establish Klub Kayan with an investment of approximately 2 billion EGP under the operation of Blue Ribbon. With the extensive expertise of CIRA Education in the Education field, Blue Ribbon in the sports field, and Madinet Masr's leadership in providing innovative and exceptional experiences, this project will help enhance the community’s capabilities and skills through education and sports, creating generations equipped with cognitive and athletic skills to achieve a positive impact.

Introducing Project Kayan, a new full-fledged concept that merges Lemania Swiss International School (LSIS) and Klub Kayan, which offers high quality education, and professional sports coaching, training, and development all in one place fostering a new generation of young talents. 

Established in 1992, CIRA Education (stock code CIRA.CA) is Egypt's largest integrated educational service provider with the aim of offering high-standard education. In 2021, in collaboration with Al Ahly Capital Holding, CIRA Education established Al Ahly CIRA for Educational Services, a joint venture to provide world-class education to all Egyptians.

As a subsidiary of CIRA Education, Eduhive will be managing Lemania Swiss International School. Eduhive is a leading education management company with over 25 years of expertise in their field, who provides comprehensive educational solutions, currently managing 6 top international schools with an extensive plan for future expansion. Ecole Lemania Swiss School was founded by Paul du Pasquier in 1908 in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

Lemania Swiss International School  (LSIS) is the first Swiss school of the prestigious Ecole Lemania Swiss School in the MENA region, bringing 100+ years of experience in the educational field. The school will offer an International Baccalaureate (IB) program from Pre-K to Grade 12, as well as an Athletic Program for students aspiring to be athletes. The program is supported by Klub Kayan, a sports club, connected to the school, which provides guidance and mentorship. Additionally, the school offers an Entrepreneurship Program in partnership with Business School of Lausanne.

Klub Kayan is operated by Blue Ribbon, a premiere sports clubs management company, guided by a vision to enrich communities through the transformative power of sports, character education, and innovative experiences. It aims to seamlessly blend physical fitness, personal growth, and technological advancements through its bespoke programs. Inspired by the Arabic term “Kayan,” Klub Kayan serves as a vessel that empowers individuals to embark on a journey towards personal fulfilment and growth.

Commenting on this grand launch, Eng. Abdallah Sallam, President and CEO of Madinet Masr, stated: “The launch of Lemania Swiss International School (LSIS) and Klub Kayan is a testament to our dedication to creating innovating and nurturing environments that empower the youth. This new concept, a first in Egypt, is designed to seamlessly integrate top-tier education with premier athletic programs, catering specifically to the aspirations and needs of young individuals. As we add this new chapter to our legacy of over 65 years, we are not just investing in the community—we are investing in the skills and talents of our youth, empowering them to reach their fullest potential and transform the future."

Commenting on the agreement, CIRA Education and Al Ahly CIRA’s CEO, Mr. Mohamed El Kalla, said: "We are proud to add Lemania Swiss International School (LSIS) to our large portfolio of diversified educational systems. This partnership specifically comes with a very unique angle, given Lemania’s position as one of the most reputable schools globally, setting a very high standard for IB education in Egypt. Bringing, for the first time, a full-fledged Swiss international school to the Egyptian market. The program, which provides top-tier IB education, will also feature very distinct programs with two tracks: sports and entrepreneurship-focused, bringing top entrepreneurial skills and sports talents with the highest level of K-12 certification globally. This will create truly global graduates capable of penetrating the top tier of higher educational institutions around the world. This is not just the addition of a new school; it sets a new benchmark for quality education in Egypt."

Commenting on the agreement, Eduhive’s CEO Mr. Karim Mostafa, said: Lemania Swiss International School will be Eduhive's 7th school in Egypt but with a different approach. It is not just an entire IB school with a 100-year heritage in Lausanne, Switzerland; it is also located in the heart of Kayan Klub. The school addresses a significant and ongoing issue for Egyptian families seeking high-quality education for their children while allowing them to excel in sports and potentially join a national team. Typically, children have to give up one of these pursuits by age 15 due to the pressures of the other. LSIS aims to provide a comprehensive solution to this challenge. LSIS is a "one parking spot" type of solution”.

Dr. David Claivaz, CEO of Lemania Swiss Group of Schools, expressed his pride in opening the Lemania Swiss International School (LSIS) in Taj City, stating: “We are incredibly proud to announce the opening of our first Swiss school in the MENA region. This expansion represents our commitment to providing top-tier education and fostering the potential of young minds. We are excited to establish a strong bond between Lausanne, a region renowned as Olympic capital and home to a vibrant innovation ecosystem, and Egypt through establishing our school in Taj City, New Cairo and we look forward to seeing our students thrive in this vibrant and supportive community.”

CEO of Blue Ribbon Moataz El Etreby, stated, “It is truly refreshing to partner with renowned institutions that share our passion for nurturing well-rounded individuals. We are committed to building a community that embodies the essence of “Kayan,” where every individual’s potential is recognized and nurtured. A community founded on three core pillars: sports, education, and arts and culture, providing a comprehensive environment where people can thrive and excel in their future endeavors.”

Zaki Hashem & Partners law firm acted as the legal advisor of Madinet Masr, while Al Tamimi provided legal advisory to Al Ahly CIRA & Eduhive through their Cairo office.