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Uptown October Unveils Plans for the Largest Commercial Hub in New 6th of October



Cairo, Egypt, 12 June 2024: Uptown October launching its flagship commercial project has announced the development of 16 commercial and administrative land plots, out of the 24 plots allocated to the company by the New Urban Communities Authority. These plots span a total built-up area of 70,000 square meters in Uptown district, New 6th of October City, as part of the company’s expansion and development plans following the authority’s approval for this allocation.

Ahmed Abozaid, Chairman of Uptown October Group of Companies, stated that these plots are part of the company's project to enhance services and develop Uptown district in New 6th of October City, accelerating urbanization in the city. He noted that the commercial and administrative center is located on North 90th Street, with a 320-meter frontage, only 2 kilometers from the main monorail station, making it a strategically significant location in the city.

Abozaid added, "The company plans to utilize these plots, with a total built-up area of 70,000 square meters, to establish and construct one of the largest commercial and administrative centers in New 6th of October City." He expects this new center to play a significant role in supporting the company’s projects in Uptown October district, thereby fostering the development of the promising New October City, which spans 70,000 feddans.

The Chairman of Uptown October group of companies emphasized the organization’s pride in the confidence granted by the New Urban Communities Authority through the allocation of these lands, promising to transform them into vital hubs that enhance development and living standards in this emerging city. New October City is among the fourth-generation cities that the state is propelling towards the future.

"Uptown October to Develop Major Commercial and Administrative Center in New October City"

Ahmed Abozaid highlighted that the establishment of the project underscores the company's commitment to providing essential service projects to support urban and economic development in the region, and its determination to continue the company’s distinguished work in the real estate and urban development sectors.

Regarding the expected workforce for the mall project, Abozaid noted that the total number of job opportunities for the construction and operation of the project will reach 8,000 jobs. The number of permanent direct and indirect jobs will be 3,000 workers, in addition to 5,000 construction workers.