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With Investments Reaching 25 Billion EGP and Spanning over 424,000 Square Meters: Attal Properties Launches Its Largest Residential Project "The 101" in "Plot 1, Mostakbal City"


Eng. Ahmed El-Attal: The Project Offers an European Facade on The Egyptian Land with Diverse Spaces with Flexible Payment Plans

Cairo – June 10, 2024: Attal Properties, a leading real estate development company in Egypt and the Middle East, has announced the launch of its premier project in partnership with the Arab Contractors Company "The 101" with total investments around 25 billion EGP spanning over a total area of 424,000 square meters.  “The 101” project will be located in Plot No. 1 in Phase 1 of Mostakbal City at New Cairo, an ideal plot of land on the main southern road, close to the main gates of Mostakbal City, near the Middle Ring Road.

During the press conference held by the company, Eng. Ahmed El-Attal, Chairman of El-Attal Group, stated that "The 101" project is unique in terms of its location and design. It will be a distinguished destination for those seeking upscale living, close to all vital entrances and exits, key projects, and the nearest to New Cairo.

"The project is named 'The 101' based on its total area of 101 feddans, amounting to 424,200 square meters. It is situated in one of the best locations in Mostakbal City, strategically positioned in Plot No. 1 of Phase 1 of Mostakbal City, right after the main gate, placing it at the heart of the city and close to major strategic routes and public amenities, including the Middle Ring Road. A location with great and diverse accessibility roads enhances the project's value for our clients as a profitable real estate investment on the long run." added El-Attal.

Eng. Ahmed El-Attal further explained "The 101" offers a variety of luxurious residential units, including maisonettes, twin houses, townhouses, and villas, with sizes ranging from 120 to 500 square meters. These units are designed according to the latest modern architectural styles to cater to diverse tastes, meeting the aspirations of clients seeking distinction, tranquility, and luxury. The project features all entertainment facilities, including sports and health clubs, artificial lakes, jogging and cycling tracks, vast green areas, and other recreational zones. Additionally, it boasts a sophisticated and smart security system ensuring safety and privacy for all residents.”

El-Attal assured that only 30% of the project's vast area is allocated for buildings and residential units. The remaining 70% is innovatively dedicated to various water bodies, landscapes, and integrated services, creating a serene natural environment that allows residents to enjoy their time outdoors, contributing to a comfortable climate that promotes mental and physical health. This makes the project the ideal choice for those seeking a residential, health-conscious, and environmentally friendly destination with sophisticated design in buildings.

"The 101" Located Near All Entrances of New Cairo and the Middle Ring Road 

"I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that 'The 101' in Mostakbal City will offer clients European-style housing on Egyptian land, with truly competitive prices and flexible payment plans tailored to their financial capabilities, ensuring they achieve the desired price and real estate value as a future investment," said El-Attal.

Eng. Ahmed El-Assar, Chairman of the Arab Contractors, expressed his delight at the strategic collaboration with El-Attal Properties. He stated, "This partnership combines the expertise, technical excellence, and strategic vision of both major entities. We are enthusiastic about this partnership, which embodies the continuous efforts of El-Attal Properties to achieve excellence and success in real estate development. We are committed to achieving tangible and innovative results that enhance our historical market position and serve the interests of our clients and partners."

El-Assar added, "We are committed to building a sustainable and fruitful relationship that reflects the values of mutual respect, integrity, and transparency. We look forward to a bright future filled with successes and positive developments thanks to this strategic cooperation."

Eng. Ahmed El-Assar pointed out that "The 101" project is being developed on a plot owned by the Arab Contractors in Mostakbal City, covering an area of 101 feddans. The company is a principal shareholder in the ownership structure of Medar, the general developer and owner of 11,000 feddans in East Cairo, including Mostakbal City, which spans 5,200 feddans. The ownership structure includes the National Bank of Egypt, Banque Misr, the National Investment Bank, and Misr Financial Investments Company, with the Arab Contractors holding an 11% stake.

Since its inception, El-Attal Properties has adopted a strategy based on continuous market study and planning to offer unique products. The company has collaborated with leading engineering consultants, contracting with top experts in the field, including Eng. Yasser El Beltagy, founder and chairman of YBA, a prominent figure in architectural consulting known for partnering with major entities in Egypt and the Middle East to execute distinctive and innovative projects under the slogan "Creativity Without Limits." Additionally, El-Attal Properties has contracted with Inversion for Project Management, overseeing more than 35 projects owned by over 20 companies with a project value exceeding 100 billion EGP, managed by experts with over 25 years of experience.

In line with global standards, El-Attal Properties has also partnered with the renowned international architect Xavier Vilalta. Vilalta, a Spanish architect and university professor who studied architecture in Barcelona, London, and the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, founded VILALTA STUDIO in Barcelona. He has designed major projects in Africa and the Middle East and received multiple international awards, including the LEAF Award in 2008, 2009, and 2010, and an award for sustainable designs from the Energy Expo in Bologna, Italy, in 2011.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the collaboration with Attal Properties, Xavier Vilalta stated, "I am extremely eager to be part of such an innovative and visionary project with Attal Properties. 'The 101' is a testament to our shared commitment to sustainable and groundbreaking design. The project's fusion of European elegance and Egyptian heritage presents a unique architectural narrative that I am proud to contribute to This partnership allows us to push the boundaries of modern architecture while creating a harmonious living environment that respects and enhances its natural surroundings."

Eng. Mohamed Diab, CEO of Inversion for Project Management company, highlighted that their repeated collaborations with El-Attal Properties reflect the integration of creative and innovative elements to ensure a product that offers all aspects of luxury, comfort, and sophistication in one place. He added, "The 'The 101' project will be one of the standout projects in Mostakbal City due to its unique location in Plot No. 1 at the city's main gate."

Eng. Yasser El Beltagy, Chairman of YBA for Engineering Consultancy and the project's consultant, described "The 101" as a European piece on Egyptian land, with a unique and innovative design that combines comfort and luxury, offering a distinctive living environment for its residents.

El Beltagy stated during the press conference that he leveraged the project's unique location, carefully planning the master layout in a modern European style that blends natural and contemporary elements. He employed the most skilled engineers and consultants to present a unique masterpiece in the world of real estate development, reflecting El-Attal Properties' advanced vision in delivering an unparalleled project.